Посольство Испании

I wish to express my thanks to you personally and to the real estate agent Landmark for the top quality service displayed in the search of an adequate apartment for me in Moscow.

Not only did you adjust the offer to my equirements and those of the Spanish Embassy, from the very beginning, but furthermore, you fully understood my needs and did the utmost to find a suitable flat.Your services did not stop at the signing of the contract, a difficult task initself.

I cannot be grateful enough to you for providing the necessary support throughout the renovation that followed:

  • Insuring the quality I was looking for
  • Very useful help with two different teams of workers
  • Dealing with the landlord
  • Looking for appropriate furnishers (parquet, curtains etc.) all over Moscow
  • Dealing with the difficulties and shortcomings of the renovation.

In short, you continue to provide RELIABLE help, something foreign diplomats coming to Moscow are in great need of. Thank you Natalia, thank you LANDMARK.

Carmen Fontes, The Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of Spain to the Russian Federation
12 Ноября 2010
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